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We offer a range of exciting programs to help students and professionals explore the world of drone technology and robotics.

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Knowledge Partnership

Knowledge Partnership Program is a unique offering by Berry Avionics, designed to help schools establish cutting-edge STEM labs that incorporate the latest technology and equipment. Our program provides schools with access to a range of robotics kits, 3D printers, drone kits, electronics equipment, and STEM equipment, along with specially designed curriculum and training for teachers.

We work closely with school administrators to identify the specific needs and goals of each school, and tailor our program accordingly.


The Drone and Robotic Knowledge Partnership program is a science and technology program designed to provide students with hands-on experience in drones and robotics.

The objective of this partnership is to enhance the school’s science and technology curriculum and provide students with practical experience in the field of drones and robotics.

The program will cover topics such as mechanical design and construction, software programming, and drone operation. Students will also learn concepts of applied math and science and gain an understanding of how simple machines come together to create complex machines.

The program is suitable for students aged 10-15 years.

BerryAvionics will provide faculty, Lab equipment ,syllabus, notes, books, know-how, SOPs, and a trainer for the complete partnership period.

The school will need to arrange for furniture, computers, stationary, and creative branding for the lab setup.

The expected outcomes of the program include students gaining practical skills in drone assembly and programming, understanding the principles of aerodynamics, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and enhancing their overall knowledge in STEM.

The program will run for 6 months, from June to November.

The program cost is INR 9,50,000/-, which includes lab setup, equipment (Hexa, Quad, STEM, Drones, Engineering Kits), and faculty (flying, theoretical, practical).

The program is designed in six levels, and each year, students will move to a higher level. The program will continue to be offered to the school for the xcoming years, with the curriculum being adjusted according to the students’ needs and requirements.

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