Exploring Innovations: Berry Avionics Founder Uyes Inamdar Enlightens MIT WPU Students at WTC Pune Visit

In a remarkable collaboration, World Trade Center Pune hosted an industrial visit for MIT World Peace University students, offering a unique insight into cuttingedge innovations. The highlight of the day was an engaging presentation by Uyes Inamdar, the visionary founder of Berry Avionics, a trailblazer in drone technology.

Uyes Inamdar captivated the audience with his expertise in drone training and manufacturing, shedding light on Berry Avionics’ mission to revolutionize atmospheric data observation. The discussion delved into the transformative applications of drone technology in biotechnology research, weather forecasting, and space exploration.

Expressing his gratitude, Uyes Inamdar stated, “It was an honor to share our journey and innovations with the students of MIT WPU. These interactions are pivotal in fostering a spirit of innovation and knowledge exchange.” 

The visit provided students with a firsthand look at the strides Berry Avionics is making in the industry. Uyes Inamdar’s presentation underscored the significance of advancements in drone technology and the vast opportunities it presents for future endeavors.

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