The Future of Drones is Here: Berry Avionics Partners with D.Y. Patil University to Offer Revolutionary Drone Education Program

The world of drones is rapidly evolving, and Berry Avionics is at the forefront of this exciting industry. We’re proud to announce our latest partnership with D.Y. Patil University to offer a Diploma course on Drones, providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this revolutionary field.

Our innovative education program is designed to equip students with the latest drone technology and techniques, from aerial mapping and surveying to cutting-edge photography and videography. Developed in collaboration with D.Y. Patil University, our curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in unmanned aviation and help them stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry.

At Berry Avionics, we believe that the future of drones is bright, and we’re excited to help shape this future with our partnership with D.Y. Patil University. By combining our expertise in drone technology with D.Y. Patil University’s extensive academic resources, we’re creating an unparalleled educational experience that will set students up for success in their careers.

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