Berry Avionics and IIIT Delhi Join Forces to Propel Drone Innovation with State-of-the-Art Lab

Exciting news is buzzing in the world of drone technology as Berry Avionics, led by the visionary founder Uyes Inamdar, collaborates with IIIT Delhi in establishing an innovative drone lab within the college premises.

During their recent visit, Mr. Kulbir Lamba, representing IIIT Delhi, warmly welcomed the collaboration with Berry Avionics, recognizing their expertise and industry knowledge. The partnership aims to propel the growth of the drone sector in India and create a nurturing environment for creativity and innovation.

Berry Avionics is playing a pivotal role in this exciting endeavor. Their invaluable assistance spans from designing state-of-the-art drones to facilitating their purchase, ensuring that IIIT Delhi’s drone lab will be equipped with cutting-edge technology. With their extensive experience and dedication, Berry Avionics is paving the way for a thriving ecosystem of drone research and development.

With Berry Avionics’ unwavering support, IIIT Delhi is set to become a breeding ground for the next generation of drone enthusiasts, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The collaboration reflects the shared commitment to fostering talent, nurturing creativity, and pushing the boundaries of what drones can achieve. Together, they are poised to redefine the landscape of drone technology in India.

Witness the unfolding of a remarkable partnership, as Berry Avionics and IIIT Delhi join forces to ignite the spark of innovation and propel India’s drone sector to new heights. The sky’s the limit!

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